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After graduating from Ecole d’Architecture Saint Luc in Tournai (Belgium), Guillaume Da Silva started working in Paris where he developed his art based on the adequation between the place and the people within the place. La Bruyère wrote : “ Some places are admirable, some others are amazing. This is where we would like to make a living.” Guillaume Da Silva’s masterpieces are similar, either stores, hotels or private residences.

The agency

Founded in 1992, the agency Guillaume Da Silva proposes original and timeless creations from another time. The play on perspectives, materials, polish, rough, tissue, minerals is present in every work even if the common denominator might seem plain minimalist designing. Each project implementation is a never-ending convivial deal between the client and the sub contractor.

Head in clouds, Guillaume Da Silva likes playing with creativity, intuition and harmony between the place and the people living in the place. Down to earth, close to the artisans and their teams, he masters both the necessary realism for major projects and the extreme importance of details.

ArchitectureS : since 2009, the agency has enriched its skill bank thanks to a Isabelle Roye who has an architecte degree from HMONP. This recruitment has allowed the agency to develop  the scope of activity thanks to their mutual complicity : Interior designing together with architecture.

After having built, renovated and restored a significant number of architectural projects, Guillaume Da Silva Architecture Agency remains motivated and attracted by architectural and esthetical challenges above all. What if one of these challenges became yours tomorrow?