A House deep in the nature, Valenciennes (59) France

The interior designing was a top priority from the very first drawings regarding the construction of a house near Valenciennes. With a panoramic view of the galopping horses in the meadows, the idea is to make the colors and landscapes come into the house. Every room has a splendid view. With its bay window and its mirror reflecting the landscape, the parents’ bathroom is the central point for the immersion into the nature. The contrast between rurality and sophistication is a success. The interior designing work offers the double possibility to open or close two rooms. Every space is orientated towards the central patio. The uncluttered style is moderated by some materials, softening the toughness of a minimalist architecture. The use of  lime for walls in the pool and bathrooms, of wood for the kitchen, of light brown for curtains, of  furniture brings depth and wellbeing to the home.